v1.2.0.0-preview-1.2 - Unofficial patch features enabled for game version 1.53.115

Unofficial Patch Features Enabled for Game Version 1.53.115 - This update to the mod re-enables the mod's unofficial patch features to work in game version 1.53.115.

The unofficial patch features fix Maxis-made game bugs, but automatically disable themselves after a game patch in case the bugs are fixed in the patch. None of the bugs were fixed in this patch, so the unofficial patch features are still needed.

The current unofficial patch features are:

  • Toddler Skill Gain Moodlets Fix - Toddlers will give the 'Growing So Fast' moodlet to nearby caregivers only when they reach a skill milestone, and not every time you load the game. Inquisitive Toddlers will gain the 'Learned Something New' moodlet only when they gain a skill level, and not every time you load the game.
  • Aspiration Resolution Fix - A sim with a resolution to complete an aspiration milestone will no longer cause errors when they complete an aspiration milestone.
  • Blacklisted Commodity Fix - Having a sim prevented from having a specific motive or other commodity will no longer cause errors when a buff attempts to change the blacklisted commodity. This mostly affects combinations of mods such as Triplis' Sorcerer mod with LittleMsSam's More Fun Stuff mod.


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Jul 16, 2019

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