I can't find the pie menu on my active sim for Fitness Controls to open the in-game settings menu.
The script portion of the mod might not be installed properly. Take a look at the guide below.

Sims made using the expanded fitness limits reset to within the normal limits when I save the game or during play.
The script portion of the mod might not be installed properly. Take a look at the guide below.

When I drag the sliders for fat and muscle in Create-A-Sim, the sim's physique stops changing towards the ends of the slider.
This is a limitation of the mod. The physique is still changing as you drag the slider, but it is not yet showing on the sim.
Equip another item of clothing to see your sim's physique update to show your new slider values.

Ensuring script mods are installed.
If you are experiencing an issue that might indicate the script portion of the mod is not installed properly, check these things:

  • Do you have the latest version of The Sims 4 installed?
  • Is the "roBurky - FitnessControls.ts4script" file inside the mods folder?
  • Has the .ts4script file been extracted from the zip file? Some mod guides incorrectly say to keep script files inside a zip file. But .ts4script files need to be OUT of the zip file.
  • Is the .ts4script file no more than one folder level deep inside the mods folder?
  • Do you have both 'custom content' and 'script mods' enabled in the options menu?
  • When you launch the game, do you get the window showing what mods you have installed? And does Fitness Controls show up under both the 'custom content' heading and the 'script mods' heading?

If you need further help with this mod, please visit the #mod-support channel on  our Discord server.

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