v1.5.0.0 - Expanded Fitness Limits feature

This update adds a new feature - Expanded Fitness Limits!

This feature has only been possible with the help of df1112, who approached me on ModTheSims to offer to help incorporate his own mod into mine.

Expanded Fitness Limits feature
With this feature, you can expand or reduce the range of sims fat and muscle levels. You can allow your sims to appear heavier, leaner, or more muscular than in the unmodded game.

The new limits apply both to the body sliders in Create-A-Sim, and to fitness changes from eating or exercise in live-mode. Sims' visible physique should continue to change at the same rate as before. Other effects from reaching high or low fat or muscle should take effect at the same visible level as before. Everything should behave almost exactly as you would expect.


  • New Expanded Fitness Limits Feature
  • Three new optional packages available to apply changes to fat and muscle limits in Create-a-sim
    • Increased
    • Exaggerated
    • Extreme
  • In-game settings menu reorganised.
    • 'Overweight Teen Fix' and 'No High Metabolism' have been moved into a new 'Other Fitness Modifiers' category.
    • New category added for advanced Fitness Limits settings


roBurky - FitnessControls.zip 52 kB
Feb 08, 2018
roBurky - FitnessControls-Limits-1.75x-Increased.zip 3 kB
Feb 08, 2018
roBurky - FitnessControls-Limits-3.00x-Exaggerated.zip 3 kB
Feb 08, 2018
roBurky - FitnessControls-Limits-5.00x-Extreme.zip 3 kB
Feb 08, 2018

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