v1.1.0.0 - Patreon preview

I started making this mod for The Sims 4 because I used to use Candyd's natural metabolism mods, but they haven't been updated for the most recent patch, plus I had some ideas of my own along the same theme. But I also used this project to figure out settings files and in-game settings menus. I owe a big thanks to Turbodriver for helping me get that settings menu working.

But now I have that, I should be able to use it in future projects and updates to old mods to make things more customisable, which I'm quite excited about.

I'm trying something new with distribution on this one. I'm using the itch download page to give my patrons their early preview. I'm thinking doing it like this will mean there won't be outdated attachments left lying around on old patreon posts, and people get to read the whole description when downloading the latest preview without me needing to paste it into each new patreon post about it. Non-patrons can also see the page and read the description to see what's coming up.

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