v1.9.0.0 - A big update!

v9, 29 August 2017: A big update!

  • The filename has changed with this version, so you should delete any previous version of the mod before updating!
  • The mod no longer includes Zerbu's Uncomfortable Boosts mod - you can now install my new Uncomfortable Overhaul separately to replace it, with no conflicts.
  • The mod now uses no overrides, so should conflict with no other mods.
  • The inertia moodlets are now applied to all sims, including NPCs. NPCs get weaker inertia than played sims.
  • Played teens now get regular +2 positive inertia again.
  • +3 and +2 inertia moodlets now last 8 hours, down from 10 hours. This feels like the level where emotion-reducing interactions feel useful.
  • +1 inertia moodlets no longer show their duration. I thought this might help lead players to the conclusion that waiting them out is not the best approach.
  • +2 tense inertia given to children and NPCs now has the right emotion tag. It should now be reducible by tense-reducing interactions. Thanks to Apex Pecoris for the bug report.
  • The happy and uncomfortable moods now get no inertia by default again.
  • Becoming uncomfortable will no longer remove inertia moodlets for other negative moods. This is to support my new mod Uncomfortable Overhaul
  • Emotional Inertia is now ready for and compatible with my upcoming Happiness Overhaul mod. 

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