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Last updated: v5, 5th September 2017
Working for The Sims 4 v1.36.99 / The Cats and Dogs Patch

What it does
The 'uncomfortable' mood now behaves uniquely.  Discomfort will be able to 'boost' other negative moods, and help pull your sim's buried sad or angry thoughts to the surface. But when it's appropriate, the 'uncomfortable' mood can still take centre stage and make your sim feel awful.

Why would you want this?
There are a lot of sources of positive mood in The Sims 4, and in the base game the only negative mood that will typically be able to overcome them is 'uncomfortable'. Little +1 sad moodlets have almost no chance to have any effect at all. This mod changes that, and allows that buried negative moodlet to end up the dominant mood if your sim's needs are neglected.

It can help your sims feel a little more human, and can make maintaining a positive mood for them a little more challenging.

Uncomfortable Overhaul in detail
Changeable Discomfort: 'Uncomfortable' is now a changeable mood, which means it can boost the score of other negative emotions similar to how 'happy' boosts the score of positive emotions.

Passive Discomfort: The score of changing uncomfortable moodlets is added to the largest negative emotion when determining what dominant mood to put the sim in, but NOT when determining what intensity level of that mood to put them in. A bunch of uncomfortable moodlets cannot boost a sim from feeling 'sad' to 'very sad', but they can flip a sim from feeling 'happy' to feeling 'sad'. This allows the base game's balance between mood intensities to be maintained.

Assertive Discomfort: If an individual uncomfortable moodlet has a score larger than all of the largest other negative emotion's moodlets combined, then it will overcome the other negative mood and force the sim into the 'uncomfortable' mood. This means that uncomfortable moodlets with extreme values like the +40 'really needs to pee' moodlet still make your sim feel appropriately uncomfortable, rather than extremely bored or extremely sad.

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Known issues

  • Uncomfortable moodlets that are boosting another emotion are displayed as fading from green to the boosted emotion's colour, just like a happy moodlet boosting a positive emotion. This appears to be a hardcoded visual, and can't be fixed. :(
  • An extreme strength uncomfortable moodlet will display as boosting a weaker other negative mood while a sim is asleep or in a positive mood. Don't worry - once the sim reaches the negative score necessary to enter a negative mood, the uncomfortable moodlet will assert itself and change to the uncomfortable mood.

Recommended mods to go with this

  • No Happy Environment Moodlets
    With permanent happy moodlets around, it can still be hard for a negative mood to come to the surface. Disable happy moodlets from decorations for a better balance between positive and negative moods.
  • Emotional Inertia
    With emotional inertia, discomfort causing a negative mood will be a bigger deal, with more lasting consequences.
  • Variable Emotional Traits
    Random strength moodlets from emotional traits can give another little push towards gloomy and hot-headed sims sometimes feeling sad or angry.


  • This mod is an original script and design, but was inspired by Zerbu's Uncomfortable Boosts mod, which is no longer available.
  • Thanks to Loofofbread, Sjofn, Apex Pecoris, and vidde for testing and reporting bugs.

This mod overrides no files, and should not conflict with any other mod.

Published Aug 29, 2017
CategoryGame mod

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the zip file into your 'Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods' folder.


roBurky - UncomfortableOverhaul.zip 15 kB

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