Emotional Inertia features


With Emotional Inertia enabled in Meaningful Stories, your sim's emotional state will be less predictable but more stable. Changes in mood will be more significant and last longer, and getting your sim to feel the emotion you want can be a little more challenging.

The emotional inertia feature in Meaningful Stories is an entirely new design when compared with the older stand-alone mod of the same name.

Emotional Inertia in detail

Once a sim is feeling a mood or emotion, moodlets that match their current mood will have inertia, and will behave differently.

Moods change less - Moodlets affected by inertia will have an increased strength relative to moodlets from other moods. The sim's mood will only change when their feelings of another mood are considerably stronger. It may take multiple moodlets to cause a change in their mood.

Moods last longer - Moodlets affected by inertia will have an extended duration. Once your sim is feeling something, they may stay feeling that way for some time, until something new happens to them.

Moods have unique gameplay - Positive moods each have a unique condition to lose their extended duration and stop lasting longer. Avoid them when you want your sim's mood to last longer, or seek them out when you want to change their mood.

  • Inspiration is used up by doing creative things.
  • Focus requires the use of mental skills to maintain it.
  • Energized is used up by doing active things like exercise and cleaning.
  • Playfulness is drained when a sim is without company.
  • Confidence and flirtiness are affected by worries and doubts like tension and embarrassment.

Some personality traits have their own unique inertia effects.

  • Loner sims can stay playful for longer when alone.
  • Loner sims lose playfulness and confidence when near strangers.
  • Outgoing sims lose confidence when there is nobody else nearby.

Moods can linger - When a sim's mood has only recently changed, it can be more resistant for a short while to changing again. If the moodlets that put the sim in this mood are removed in this time, the feelings can linger on for a moment.

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