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Look out! An asteroid!

Rest to Reset by Trash80 is one of my favourite pieces of music. Trash80 provided the music used in Darwinia, all low-tech electronic sounds reminiscent of early videogames. Rest to Reset was written and performed on 4 GameBoys, and recorded live. I think it’s beautiful.

This game is intended to provide an experience that supports that music, with everything that happens in the game happening in response to something in the music. Like an interactive music video. Or like Audiosurf, but sculpted just for this one track. It’s an experience rather than a challenge. Although you can treat it like a challenge if you want to – there’s a score of sorts displayed at the end.

You control a spacecraft as it launches from a planet and ventures on its first journey into space. It turns out space isn’t terribly friendly to you.

Press UP to launch
Use LEFT and RIGHT to evade
There is no fire button

This game was originally created in 2008 in about four weeks, and was the project I first learned to code on.

It looks so small from up here

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